Naugatuck Youth Soccer

Pool Program Guidelines

U9/U10 Development Pool Guidelines
Update: September 2017  

This program is to provide training in preparation for competitive play in the competition program (beginning with U11) for those players that have the desire and commitment to become better players. This falls within the South Central District (SCD) Set Guidelines.  

All U10s that play in a particular club are eligible to play on a U10 Travel Rec team sponsored by their club as long as they are on the certified roster. This is a developmental league and not a comp league or all-star league, and no tryouts are to be held for these teams. Teams should have pools of players in which all players can experience travel soccer with different players and against competition from other clubs. U9s can play, but no more than 50% of a team roster can be comprised of U9 players. U8s and younger are not eligible for “playing up” to a U9 team. Roster size is unlimited.  

1. Structure. The U9/U10 Development Pool teams will operate under the direction of the Travel Directors (Boys, Girls) within the developmental age bracket.  

2. Player participation in recreation program. If your child is part of the Developmental Pool, he/she will be required to fully participate on a U10 division recreation team.  

3. Development Pool practice schedules. U9/U10 pool players are required to participate in the Friday night footskills sessions run by the Director of Coaching, after which the pool players will practice for a minimum of 30 minutes with the U9/U10 Pool coaches.  

4. Pool Fees. Recreation registration fees cover the cost of the recreation team kit, referees for the U10 recreation division games on Saturday mornings, and the coaching and player development staff, who run the Friday night footskills sessions and work with players and coaches during recreation team practices during the recreation division season. The Pool teams will incur additional costs that will cover the cost of travel uniforms and referees for home games. The fees per season year will be set in advance and be dictated solely by the cost of uniforms and the NYS referee pay schedule, and will be published for the players’ parents.  

5. Development Pool coach selection. The pool coach positions will be advertised in the NYS newsletter or newspaper or on the NYS Website. Interested candidates should submit a letter highlighting their coaching experience, qualifications, training, and coaching philosophy. Final selection is determined by the recommendation of the Development Committee, which is comprised of Travel Director(s), Director of Coaching and Player Development, and the U10 Age Director. The committee will put forth their selections for Pool Coaches (U9G, U9B, U10G, U10) to the NYS Board of Directors, which must approve the selection(s) by a majority vote.  

6. Player Eligibility. All U9/U10 recreation players are automatically eligible for the Pool program, and are encouraged to speak with the Age Director if they are interested in playing. All players are required to attend a minimum of three (3) footskills sessions prior to joining the pool team. All players are required to participate fully on a U10 recreation division team in order to play for the pool team. Other minimum requirements differ slightly for U9 and U10 teams, as follows:
a. U9 Player eligibility: All U9 players who are interested in joining the pool team are required to attend a minimum of three (3) footskills sessions in the fall season, and to speak with the Age Director about their interest. The pool team will be established in the fall, but not play any “official” games until the spring (please see Section 10, Travel Games). All U9 players who are new in the spring are also eligible, and may practice with the pool team, but are ineligible for games until they have attended a minimum of three (3) footskills sessions.
b. U10 Player eligibility, Fall. All U10 players who played for the U9 pool team in the previous spring season are automatically members of the U10 pool team in the fall and are encouraged to continue attending footskills sessions prior to pool practices. All U10 players who are new to the NYS recreation program are eligible for the pool team, and may practice with the pool team, but are ineligible for games until they have attended a minimum of three (3) footskills sessions. U10 games will start at the beginning of the fall season due to the size of the SCD U10 age bracket, thus new-to-the-league U10 players will be ineligible for any games that occur prior to the third footskills session of the season.
c. U10 Player eligibility, Spring. All U10 players who participated in the pool program in the fall season are automatically on the roster for the spring season, and are still required to attend a minimum of three (3) footskills sessions to maintain eligibility. New players in the spring season, as with those in the fall, must meet the minimum requirement of attending three (3) footskills session prior to being eligible for games.  

7. Player rosters. Rosters for the developmental pool teams, in each age group, are unlimited per the guidelines established by SCD. Participation on the developmental pool team is available to every registered player within the U9 and U10 recreation age groups, and is highly encouraged for all players. While the pool roster is unlimited, per SCD rules only 12 players can participate in each game. The reasoning behind this rule is that having enough players on the bench to swap out full teams at a time, while guaranteeing extended rests for all, creates an unfair advantage for teams who have more players at their disposal. As a member of SCD, we are bound by their rules risk being sanctioned as a club, or losing our membership in SCD, if we do not comply with the rule.
a. Thus, to comply with SCD’s rule, rotation of players is required on rosters of more than 12 players. When possible, the team should be randomly split into groups of equitable sizes (5 groups of 3, 3 groups of 5, 4 groups of 4, 5 groups of 5, etc), and each group will have its turn at attending a game to cheer on fellow players – but not be eligible to play in that game themselves. When enough players are available for 2 or more teams, “tryouts” will be held to evenly distribute all talent levels across all teams. This is not the formation of an “A” team or a “B” team in terms of ability, but rather the formation of multiple, equally matched teams that happen to be called “A” or “B”, or “maroon” or “grey”.
b. This rule applies to ALL players on a pool team, regardless of what position within the organization the players’ parents may hold (eg, board member, coach).  

8. Playing time: Each player must play 50% of each game unless unable to do so due to injury, illness or for disciplinary reasons. The 50/50 play time rule from SCD and CJSA states that a player plays 50% of the game time for which they are in attendance. This means that all players play 50% of the time they are physically present for – if a player arrives at half-time, that player does not play the entire second half, he/she plays half of the remaining game time.  

9. Player dismissal: Players may be dismissed from the Developmental Pool due to lack of attendance at practices, games, the minimum of three (3) footskills sessions, or for disciplinary reasons. To dismiss a player, the Pool coach must petition the Developmental Committee, which will bring the matter before the NYS Board of Directors for approval.  

10. Travel games. A maximum schedule of 10 games per 16 player pool squad, to ensure rule #7 is adhered to, will be allowed per season, of which a maximum of 5 games are allowed to be at home. These games are only to be played with other U10 pool squads. Games will only be played with a certified referee in the middle.
a. The U9 fall season will not have games set with SCD. They will conduct pick-up games while the teams are being established. In the Spring, the U9 teams will have set scheduled games with SCD.
b. The U9/U10 pool coaches are required to be at the SCD scheduling meeting prior to the start of the season, unless directed otherwise by SCD.  

11. Player selection for games and tournaments. Players will be rotated evenly for both games and tournaments. The intent is for all players to participate in the same number of games and tournaments.  

12. Tournament selection. The developmental pool teams are allowed to participate in a number of tournaments each season, depending on the size of the pool. The NYS Board of Directors must approve each tournament selected by the Pool coach. Participation in out-of-state tournaments is not permitted for developmental pool teams.  

13. Tournament fees. The developmental pool teams will pay the fees for tournaments with the cost divided equally among the players attending tournament, or attend a NO COST tournament. Parents of developmental pool players must agree to the fees prior to the pool coaches submitting any tournament to the NYS Board for approval.  

14. Uniforms. Per Section 8, Pool Fees, U9/U10 Pool players are required to purchase a pool uniform package approved by the NYS Board of Directors through the NYS purchasing director. This uniform is required and to be used only for the pool team games and tournaments. It is the responsibility of the U9 and U10 pool coaches to coordinate all pool shirt sizing, ordering and distribution with the Age Director and the NYS Purchasing Director. The only approved socks are the Board-issued socks provided at the beginning of the season. Non personalized black shorts are required.  

15. Exceptions. The NYS Board of Directors must approve any exceptions to these guidelines.