Naugatuck Youth Soccer

U5/6 Guidelines
Posted Feb 19, 2019

*Size 3 ball                          *15x30 yard fields                     * Four 10 minute quarters

*4v4 no goalies                   * no scores are recorded           * try to keep equal playing time per player


*Practices are one day a week, games Saturday mornings and footskillls will be offered on game day mornings pre game play.


*Focus will be on dribbling skills, directions to attack/defend, and staying within the playing area. 

*players will learn to make all types of ball moves in the passing motions. They wil work on inside foot passes, trying to not use the laces or shooting foot, even while trying to score. The main focus will be to teach the turning of the foot in the passing motion.


Rules of play

All out of bounce at the end lines will be goal kicks. No corner kicks at this age group. If the ball touches the line it is out of bounce and quick play back in will be encouraged to keep them active. If the play is stopped try to encourage over the head throw ins.