Naugatuck Youth Soccer


U7/8 girls and boys combined
New game format this season

* size 4 ball * 25x45 yard field

*2- 25 minute halves , 5 minute half *scores are recorded

* 7v7 with goal keepers * 6x12 goals

Practices are one day a week for an hour and a half. They will be academy style practices with a curriculum. Coaching directors will be on site to help/guide.

There will be continued focus on dribbling, and foot skills to the dribble. there will be encouragement for combination passes ( give and go, over lap, wall pass). Introduction of the shooting foot and when to use it.

Game play
There will be one referee and laws of the game will apply. Introduction of corner kicks, gaol kicks, throw ins and obvious off sides.

Age group is based on birth year. Players must be registered to NYS and in this age group to participate